My life

Published March 6, 2013 by The Online Footprint

I feel the urge to push you into my life. Sometimes my mom and i stay up all night reading the latest vouge , since I’m into fashion. Im also obsessed with one direction , but I won’t talk about that. I also sleep with every single one of my teddy bears so none get left out. I also gave the bears names. The dad is Louis , the mom is Eleanor , their uncle is Jessie , and their three kids names are Jennifer , Robert , and Delilah. If Lou and El ever read this and decided to name their children these names ,I would want at least a little credit. Not to be rude or anything. I know these aren’t all my secrets , but I don’t want to be to reviling . Bye !


Published March 6, 2013 by The Online Footprint

On halloween kids think of three basic points (im a tween i know) those basic points are (1)theres no school (2) costumes and (3) CANDY. The sad part is that teens think just like the kids but they have a fourth basic point (4) scare the kids . This is the part that can ruin a kids halloween. Recently my halloween was ruined by some teenagers . Let me start from the beginning . I went to a party with my best friend and it was amazing we went through the haunted house and it scared the living cake mix out of us . All the people in the haunted house were teenagers. The teens didn’t ruin my halloween but they did something that they weren’t supposed to do . They tripped you and tried to rip your costume apart . Afterwards i played a couple of games then the party was over . Then i started trick or treating it was really cool there was a couple of teens but they were chill . Until we turned down one corner . There was a house with some teens on a truck , they weren’t chill at all . Then they started telling us that we could have all the candy we wanted . I scored a lot of candy at the party so i probably had more than anybody else . I heard people with chainsaws and people screaming a couple houses down and i knew these were the people i could see it all planed out . I was not gonna walk into that house and then my dad wants to get all mad because i wouldnt go inside so he made me and then he wants to be all mad just because i got scared. Then the other house decides to have someone jump out of the bushes . The rest of the time we had to check if they were trying to scare us . Thats what ruined my halloween and probably a couple other kids too

The movies

Published September 11, 2012 by The Online Footprint

Today i went to the movies and saw Obama’s world and my mom was taking forever in the bathroom so i asked her if i could go find us some seats and she said yes “Where do you want to sit .”i asked and she replied the front .Even though i hate the front because you have to crane your neck to see the whole screen and would prefer the back so you can lay back in your chair and chill while still seeing the whole screen ,but as i was i followed my moms orders and ran to the theater to make sure i could save some seats for my family . I sat in the front for a while and started asking myself “where are they ?” 10 minuets later i started worrying so i started looking around but i didn’t get out of my chair . Then as i turned my head to the right for about the 4 time their was a ,quiet plump , man standing in front of my view chuckling saying “were looking for you ! “Also at the same time my brother came running down the aisle crying “where have you been !?!we’ve been in here more than five times and mommy is crying and we’ve been looking everywhere for you and all this stuff has been happening ?!? Why would you do something like this ?!? And i had to explain my story a billion times but we still saw the movie and as soon as we got home i tented myself in my covers typed about it for about half an hour which is what I’m still doing now so I’m about to go to bed now so good night


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